How to Travel as a Vegetarian – a Cheat Sheet

Are you vegetarian? Or thinking about it? Wondering if being vegetarian is truly compatible with traveling?

As a vegetarian for 32 years and running, I have faced my share of challenges traveling and staying true to my dietary choice. Truth is, it is not easy but it is certainly not impossible. I have found that with the right mix of doing your homework ahead of time and being flexible, it’s absolutely possible to do this. [bctt tweet=”The main challenge you face when you travel is that in many countries and cultures, being vegetarian means something very different.” username=”tripsntripups”] I have lost count of the number of times someone has tried to feed me fish, chicken or prawns after I specified that I was vegetarian.

But 50 countries and a decade of solo travel in, I want to share 5 simple tips that will help you travel easier as a vegetarian.

  1. Get over the embarrassment
  2. Do your research
  3. Learn the right words to communicate in the local language
  4. Keep an open mind
  5. Know your failsafe


As a bonus, here is a non-exhaustive round-up of my top 6 favorite vegetarian meals from the last year! Be sure to check out websites like Happy Cow, The Culture Trip and Time Out to do your research before you travel to major cities to find great resources for vegetarian restaurants.

Little Bao – Hong Kong

Try out their delicious Brussel Sprouts & Cloppy Chan Bao (picture below)

vegetarian travel - Vegetarian Bao in Hong Kong.jpg

Food stalls at Juhu Beach – Mumbai, India

It is extremely easy to be vegetarian in India. Some of my favorite food there is the street food. The dish featured below, pav bhaji is my absolute favorite!

vegetarian travel - My Vegetarian Street Food in India.jpg

Halal Ramen Ouka – Tokyo, Japan

This firecracker spicy, vegan bowl of ramen was one of my highlights from my culinary adventures in Tokyo!

vegetarian travel

La Petite Pause des Halles – Tours, France

This homey joint in Tours is a perfect lunch spot with their beautifully conceived plates using local organic produce.

vegetarian travel - DeliciousVegetarianMealinToursFrance.jpg

Pitahaya Vegana, Mexico City

Colorful vegan tacos using ingredients like cauliflower, yams, and potatoes make for a filling and flavorful meal at this vegan spot set in a restaurant hall with other vegan options surrounding it.

vegetarian travel

Shaya – New Orleans, USA

Shaya serves up some truly innovative modern Israeli cuisine with many vegetarian options bursting with flavor! For more tips on vegetarian food options in New Orleans, click here.

vegetarian travel