Sergiev Posad

Arriving at Sergiev Posad station

Just made a day trip to Sergiev Posad on the famous golden ring outside of Moscow. It’s an easy 1.5 hr train ride from Moscow or even 30 mins provided you catch the morning express train. Trains leave regularly (every 30-40 mins) from the Yaroslavsky vokzhal (train station) in Moscow.

Outside Cathedral of Assumption holding a glass of Kvas

The town of Sergiev Posad is tiny and requires no more than a couple of hours to explore. The main attraction of course is the hard-to-miss monastery that is a historically important spiritual center for the Orthodox Church. It’s quite obvious that it’s a working church just by the mass of people from around Europe who come to visit it, the many bearded men in black robes bustling about and the babushkas with covered heads reading quietly. The magnificient Cathedral of Assumption and Holy Trinity Cathedral are not to be missed. Go inside Holy Trinity Cathedral for a jawdropping interior of frescoes and lighting. After walking around the monastery and taking some time to savor the spiritual energy of the place, head over for a bite to eat at a cafe nearby. I forgot the name of the cafe I went to but it was totally hit the spot…I had the best pancakes with a cheese and peppers concoction along with a banana milkshake. If you walk along the main street, it comes up right next to McDonald’s (McD in a tiny Russian town…go figure!)

Holy Trinity Cathedral facade 
Drinking water from the well

Click here to read more about the history associated with this little town that’s definitely worth an afternoon away from Moscow.

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