In a Moscow Minute

Whenever people ask me how I like Moscow, the first thing I gush about is the Moscow Metro.

In the beginning I found the metro system intimidating with it’s lack of English signage, policemen waiting menacingly at the entrances and the nine million Moscovites who use it daily, who always seem to be in a hurry.

Example of a sign in a Moscow metro station…No English!!

But as it turns out the Moscow metro is incredibly user-friendly and clearly designed with the people in mind. Trains come by every minute…that’s right, EVERY MINUTE! I can’t help but compare it to the NYC subway and all the talk about a “New York Minute” where you sometimes wait 15 minutes for the next train.
Not only is the Moscow metro incredibly efficient and effective, the stations are living art museums. Whoever decided that the metro stations should be a thing of architectural and aesthetic beauty was a genius! Each station has a different theme: colorful mosaics, statues, marble, stained glass, gorgeous lighting fixtures are just some of the materials used to tell the Soviet story in each station. 

Mayakovskaya Station
Komsomolskaya Station

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