Pura Vida Mae! Living it up in Manuel Antonio…

postcard-esque surf town on the Pacific Coast right by Manuel Antonio National Park is the perfect place to enjoy all that Costa Rica has to offer.

My “Must” List for Manuel Antonio…
Take surf lessons. As if the gorgeous ocean is not enticing enough, the bronzed and chiseled surf instructors will be!
Go white water rafting on the Naranjo river
Go zip lining in Manuel Antonio National Park
Go to the more secluded beaches inside the National Park
Go to a beach bonfire party…Ignore the abundance of druggies
 Eat at the Blue Marlin…Delicious tex mex and fresh fruit shakes
Some other tips about Manuel Antonio…
-It’s a very uncomfortable 8-hour bus ride from San Jose. There’s no avoiding it.
-It’s a tourist-y place which means prices are hiked up.
-Stay at Hotel Manuel Antonio…it’s at the very end of the beach strip and reasonably priced.
-The locals are very friendly, especially to foreigners. But I did encounter quite a few druggies so just beware of that.
-If you are looking for a cultural immersion experience… this is not the place for you. If you are looking for a laid back time in a beautiful locale, this is perfect!

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