The Lotus Eaters

I started a new book called The Lotus Eaters following three photo-journalists who covered the Vietnam War. It’s a scalding tale of what lengths some people will go to in order to get that perfect shot or perfect story. The thought is that there are some people who are so addicted to that adrenaline rush and those “near-death experiences” that they willingly put themselves into these situations to feed that constant craving. It’s no better than a drug addiction and often leads to the same consequences. Although these people felt they were serving a larger purpose by telling the war story to memorialize those who lost their lives because of it, inherently it is just an avenue to feed their addictions and “need for speed”. Right, wrong…who’s to say?! The sentiment “there are no selfless good deeds” gains whole new meaning.

I don’t love the writing style but the author does a great job of creating graphic images of warring Vietnam in a way that you feel are actually witnessing these events in person. The sense of hopefulness, ruthlessness and fear on the part of the South and North Vietnamese and the Americans comes through in an undeniable way. I’m about 3/4s of the way through the book… can’t wait to finish it!

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