july 4th PSA: don’t jump on a plane

This July 4th weekend I had four consecutive days off and I immediately started racking my brain for places I could fly to. I was recently in Maui for less time than that so why not, I thought?! Puerto Rico and Seattle floated to the top of the list for a quick getaway.
Then my husband reminded me how terrible flying on holidays is and that there was a lot we could do within driving distance of San Francisco. Once I admitted he was right, I decided to look closer to home to see where we could spend the next four days. And needless to say, California has everything you could possibly want to offer. We, of course, wanted to avoid the usual suspects knowing how insanely crowded it would be: Lake Tahoe, Big Sur, Yosemite, etc. That still left plenty of options.
In just 4 days, we stayed in a historic town with the oldest operating hotel in California and felt like we stepped back in time, went OTG (off the grid) camping in the beautiful Mount Lassen Volcanic Park and experienced high-end luxury in Glen Ellen deep in wine country.
Now, not every state is as diverse as California but I urge you to be a tourist in and around your own hometown. It reminded me that I don’t need to travel far to see or experience new things; sometimes it’s just about looking at things differently.

The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.

~ Marcel Proust

Here are a few shots to show the complete diversity in our experiences this weekend!

A night in Port Costa at the Victorian styled Burlington Hotel

20170701_174339 (1).jpg

Our roof for a couple of days in Mount Lassen National Park


Gorgeous granite soaking tub in the bathroom overlooking the tranquil courtyard at Gaige House in Glen Ellen, CA

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