the first rain – spirituality in bali

At long last the opaque gray skies have parted, massaging the parched and boiling earth with gentle droplets.

The air that was laden with the weight of the world, is finally relieved of its burden.

It uses its new freedom to orchestrate a dance of the trees, as they sensually sway to a rhythm.

A rhythm unknowable to the human ear.

Every color seems to hum more vibrantly as seen through the prism of raindrops.

The leaves a jaunty emerald green; the houses ablaze in brick the color of fresh blood;

The flowers, the white ones with golden yellow centers, the little lilac ones, the deep pink ones, all blushing deeper into their colors at the slight tickle of the rain.

In the midst of it all stood a lone statue of the elephant god carved in dusty, grey stone, a yellow umbrella perched somewhat uncertainly over his head.

The elephant God was unswayed, undisturbed by the world transforming around him.

I saw myself as the elephant God, unfazed, unreliant on the world to transform me, not undone by the passing storm.

I saw myself as the flowers and the trees responding to what touches me, losing myself, emerging more radiant but in danger of being swept away.

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I wrote this after a particularly spiritual experience in Bali during a solo travel in November of 2015. I was in Ubud, a place so steeped in transcendent beauty, it doesn’t take a lot to open up and be receptive to its spiritual energy. Whether it is doing the tree pose at the gorgeous Yoga Barn or hiking an active volcano or having breakfast with a friendly host family at my homestay staring out into lush rice fields, there is creative inspiration at every corner. This was a moment where I was sitting at a little cafe staring out into the greenery beyond the awning. I could smell the rain in the air and feel the dampness swaddling me. I have always loved the monsoons and find the first rain of the season to be truly magical. It also so happened that I was in a personally transformative place. Fresh out of a heartbreak and on route to rediscovery, I found myself wondering what strength even means and looking to nature to provide me some answers. Ubud did not disappoint in the slightest.

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