rainbows on hana highway

If you have ever looked into going to Maui, you will know that the Road to Hana is heralded as one of the most incredible experienced. Having done it twice now, I would have to agree! It’s like Maui’s version of Narnia; a magical land resplendent with waterfalls, lush green rainforests, unparalleled views and great pit stops for local flavor along the way. I won’t bother telling you every single stop on the road to Hana. You can find many, many guides out there like this or this. But I want to share some of my must do’s to make the most of this unforgettable experience!!

DO do the entire loop! There is a lot of misinformation about the bottom part of the highway and how dangerous it is. Point blank, it is not even remotely dangerous. We did the drive in a regular sedan and never felt unsafe. Of course, be sensible while driving and don’t speed and all that usual stuff but yea definitely highly, highly recommend this section; dramatic cliffs and rugged coastlines make this a must see no the Hana highway. And you just might see a double rainbow during your drive!

DO download the Shaka guide app; I mean this thing is the best freaking thing I have ever used! You can play it in the car and it tracks you through GPS and gives you great info and stories in a very engaging way. Seriously, don’t even think twice. Get this app!

DO NOT get on those tour buses; rent a car and drive. It takes all the fun out of it. This way you are completely free to do things on your own terms.

DO start early! This is a one lane highway for the most part so understandably gets backed up during peak hours. So yea start bright and early!

DO stay at the Maui Eco Retreat if you plan to take it slow down the highway (which I highly recommend). This off the grid eco resort is located on a beautifully cultivated piece of land right by the ocean. Staying here was one of the best experiences of my life; I felt truly unplugged, one with nature and connected to body, mind, and spirit.

Do stop here for some epic Thai food on the way!

Now, for some of the highlights along Hana Highway…

Take a detour into this tiny town on Keane Peninsula right on the coast with majestic waves crashing into it.

P5140227 (1) (1).jpg

Don’t miss this pit stop for some delectable, creamy ice cream made from coconut milk. This little ice cream shop sells some of the best dairy-free ice cream in the world; there I’ve said it!

P5140315 (1).jpg


Stop over for fresh coconuts here and take in this epic sanctuary for all things coconut! You might just the coconut zen yogi!

20170514_161629 (1).jpg

20170514_161617 (1).jpg

If you love waterfalls like, well every human being on this planet, you are in luck! There are so many magnificent ones along the way that make great hikes off the highway.

P5140253 (1).jpg

P5140248 (1).jpg

The monumental waves at Waiʻanapanapa State Park are no joke! Watch me get shocked by one here!

And the views around here are no less phenomenal!


Save the best for last. The backside of Hana Highway was definitely the highlight!! Not only is it very different from the rest of the highway, we were lucky enough to chance on a double rainbow during our drive!! Plus it’s definitely less crowded and remote than the rest of it.

PSX_20170629_183649 (1).jpg


Finally, stop a lot, take a break, go on detours and have a blast! Otherwise, you are missing the whole point!!

P5140206 (1).jpg

Veggie Delite Tip: Stop at Nutcharee’s Thai restaurant for delectable Thai food, at Coconut Glenn’s for vegan ice cream and anywhere along the way for banana bread. Pack up a veggie sandwich lunch at Hana Picnic Lunch Company which opens early!

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