Minimalist skin care for working women

AKA…How I invested in a home self care routine and saved time and $$$$ on spa visits.

Starting with a disclaimer; I don’t claim to be an expert in skincare or anything remotely in that realm. But I know I was dealing with a lot of frustrations many professional, working women deal with:

  1. I never had time for long spa visits; they are fun to do on vacations but with regular life?!
  2. Self care is on my new year’s resolution every year but I never have time for it!
  3. I knew my body and skin needed help but I didn’t know how or where to start

Here is the thing ; we will do everything that is a priority to us. But as much as I have always wanted to invest more time in skin care and self-care, it’s just not something I found myself prioritizing over work, time with my husband, travel or a million other things.

There is nothing supremely wrong with my skin. I don’t have flawless perfect skin, but I am generally OK. After a stint with adult acne in my mid-20s, now I deal with the occasional zit, dry patches on my skin and so forth. I do have sensitive skin that will redden when exposed to extreme elements or put under stress but that’s about as exciting as it gets.

All in all, I knew I needed to do some up front homework and investment in a home self care routine that was quick and required minimal investment of time. All the fancy equipment in the world would just sit in my under sink cabinet unless it was quick to use and get out the door.

So I decided to invest in homework to save myself time, effort, $$$ and more. Here’s what I ended up with…

2-minute skincare routine essentials

A no-fuss everyday face wash

A cooling face wash for general use for sensitive skin with healing properties of neem and turmeric.

Skin caressing face wipes

Facial wipes that are great for makeup removal and general cleansing; great for travel and use on the go.

Sumptuous daily moisturizer

A lovely, lightweight, soothing facial moisturizer perfect for everyday use.

Washcloths for Sensitive Skin

As I mentioned, I do have sensitive skin, so washcloths meant for a baby’s bottom are my jam. I found them on Amazon…hallelujah!

Daily moisturizer with SPF coverage

Yes, I was one of those women who did not understand the value of daily SPF coverage until I got into my 30s, but now I am pretty religious about it. This lightweight tinted moisturizer with coverage is a great multi-purpose use.

Other things I need beyond my daily routine

Soothing, hydrating facial spray

This facial spray is epic because it has all the cooling, healing properties of aloe and the luxury of rosewater. Nothing to lose; everything to gain.

Rejuvenating mask

On the weekends when I have time to breathe, there’s nothing better than slapping on a mask that leaves my skin smooth and supple in 15 minutes.

Moisturizing all-around oils

I am all about that moisture; I don’t know, I feel like my skin drinks more moisture than a fish in water. So everyday , after I get out the shower, I lather these oils on to avoid that scaly feeling that is inevitable for me. Almond, jojoba, avocado, take your pick!

Cooling Jade Roller

I am no sucker for skincare trends; they really don’t play well with my minimalist skincare theme song. So, while I have tried the odd sheet mask, you will never see me subscribing to skincare trends. But I did go for this jade roller thing on a whim and kind of love it. The claims are a bit ridiculous; it doesn’t make me feel like I am 10 years younger or give me an airbrushed look, but it does give my skin a good massage and flush. I store mine in the fridge so it’s extra cool on my skin.

At Home Waxing

One of the other things with a busy work schedule was that I never seemed to have time for a timely wax. And honestly, I can’t say I enjoy strangers poking around my stray hairs and wrestling them free; being of Indian descent, waxing me is not for the faint hearted. Good thing I have a strong heart, because I decided I needed an at-home waxing solution and I found one on Amazon.

Natural, organic wax for sensitive skin

Easy to use waxing strips

Applicator sticks

That’s about it. I keep it simple because I don’t got the time or energy to do more.

Happy self care! Share your minimalistic skin care tips with me!

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