5 tips for stress-free return from vacation travel

If you are like me and haven’t figured out a way to work on a beach in Bali yet, chances are you are looking forward to a few extra days off this summer. You might be dreading packing, but personally what I find even more stressful than packing is the thought of unpacking and getting my life back in order when I get back from a trip. There is no greater buzzkill after a vacation high than coming back to a chaotic reality. Which is why I am all for ensuring I reintegrate myself into real life with as little angst as possible. These 5 simple hacks are great for a stress-free return after vacation travel.

1. Pick up where you left off with ease

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Put a calendar invite on the first day of your return back to work with a short status update on where you left off on important projects, clients, etc. The last few days before vacation, you are rushing to wrap things up and all you want to is disconnect when you are traveling. This way you can disconnect but get back to exactly where you left off without missing a beat!

2. Clean your apartment before you leave

If you are like me and make a giant mess while deciding what to pack, make sure you do your best to leave your bedroom spotless, your bed neatly made up, and your sink empty when you return. There is nothing worse than coming back to a disaster zone and realizing you have to spend the next few days cleaning.

3. Decide if you want a recovery day

Personally, I like to make the most of my travels but if you need a recovery day to get back into the swing of things, make sure you bake that into your travel plans. This is especially important to consider when you travel long distances to give you some extra time to deal with your jet lag.

4. Unpack as soon as you get back

Get the dirty laundry out of your suitcase and into the washer. I find the quicker I unpack the more likely that it will actually get done. The times I have left it to a later date because I was tired, the suitcase stays in its state for a few days until I get to it.

5. Make your return-from-vacation food plans in advance

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Photo by Cayla1 on Unsplash
The last thing you are going to want to do is to whip up a fancy meal when you get back from a lot of travel. You are probably going to want to get takeout even less since you have likely been eating out a lot during your trip. Stock up before you leave; simple frozen meals or easy-to-cook meals will do the trick so you can spend as little time as possible in the kitchen while you try to feel less bummed out your first day back to work.


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Happy traveling and a stress-free return!