Looking back on 2018

I haven’t posted in a while but I had to get one last one in before the end of the year to reflect on the incredible year 2018 has been. Incredible not because anything life-alteringly-epic happened but because like so many other years in the recent past it felt like I accomplished so much I set out to; some big things, but mostly small things. Like trying something that scared me, or putting myself out there in a moment where I wanted to crawl under a rock, or showing love in a way that was out of my comfort zone or putting out a piece of writing that was personal.

Some big things certainly happened this year as well; I celebrated a year of married life eating ramen in the back of a camper van in Iceland with the hubs. It was kind of perfect for us actually.

It seems like just yesterday I posted about the epic rendezvous I had with Mother Nature this summer traversing National Parks across 3 countries. There were the Listerine blue lakes of Banff National Park fed by gargantuan glaciers. There were the angry, boiling geysers and effervescent springs bursting from under the earth’s surface in Yellowstone. Then the mystical, moody fjords and unspoiled countryside resplendent with gushing waterfalls in Iceland.

Banff-01636 (1)

It didn’t stop there; I witnessed the majesty that is the Havasupai Falls nestled deep in the Grand Canyon on an Indian Reservation, and even ended my war with the desert and learned to love it at Joshua Tree.


I saw more countries than I even planned to – Jamaica, New Zealand and Cambodia for the first time and traveled back to some old stomping grounds like Australia and India.

Angkor Wat-1040719
I built a semi-regular yoga practice through a new studio I love. That’s no small feat; I have been aspiring for this for the better part of a decade!

I got promoted at my job and witnessed our company getting acquired and am excited for the road ahead. I continue to love my job, even with its ups and downs, it’s challenging and fulfilling in a way I had only dreamt of.

I wrote more, probably not as much as I wanted to, but still put out some pieces that were hard to put out. Like this letter to my 20-year old self. I want to write more, much more next year.

I reconnected with some old friends and family, and realized I needed to mend some other relationships. I am a work in progress after all.

As I look ahead to 2019, I can only hope it’s much of the same; that I do have big wins but also small ones, the ones that might not mean anything to anyone but me. The ones that require me to fight fears and insecurities and be a better version of myself.
Hope everyone has a beautiful end to 2018. What are you looking forward to in 2019?!