helping those devastated by northern california wildfires

I am so saddened by the devastating wildfires in Sonoma County just north of where I live in San Francisco. This year has been a terrible one of natural disasters but wildfires hit close to home, not the least because I am breathing the air intoxicated with the fumes.
Sonoma County’s beautiful rolling hills and valleys dotted with gorgeous vineyards are truly something special. Now ablaze over many days, over 200,000 acres have been razed to the ground with 41 casualties to dates, 80 still reported missing and over 5,000 structured reduced to rubble. Many families have been displaced now returning to homes that don’t exist.
I am heartbroken by the devastation in my backyard and wanted to offer what I have found as ways to help out if you are so inclined.
The best resource is the California Volunteer website which is often updated with latest volunteer needs.
If you live far away and/or all you can offer is money (I’m in this camp!):
Often defenseless animals fare the worst during disasters. To help out the pups, go here:
You can make a financial donation to the Redwood Empire Food Bank who is providing critical food to evacuation centers and shelters for those displaced by fires.:
Those who are local and able to help with your time and efforts:
You can open up your home for those evacuated by the fires through Airbnb:
There are plenty of other volunteer opportunities at the Volunteer Center of Sonoma  County: