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Hi, I am Arch and welcome to Trips and Trip-ups!

This is a conscious travel blog dedicated to helping you, my fellow travelers, celebrate the journey on route to the destination.

I believe travel is crucial, but the journey you are taking outward and inward is what really matters.

I tell stories about my travels in hopes of inspiring and empowering you to travel more consciously and lovingly around the world.

Some stories that transport you to gorgeous places around the world, and some that will take you to the place you might have forgotten about along the way – within yourself.

I try to balance adventure with connection, creation with reflection and idealism with a healthy dose of realism.

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What do I mean by conscious travel?

  1. Find your travel why: figure out why traveling is important to you? What are your true motivations for wanting to see the world? Connecting your experience to what you really want to get out it will make it so much more fulfilling.
  2. Plan a little, let go a little: are you a planner? or are you a fly the seat of your pants type of person? I think conscious travel is about striking a balance; it’s 1 part planning and 1 part learning to let go.
  3. Go beyond the guidebook: find a way to experience a new place in a way no one else could; make the experience your own.
  4. Open your mind and heart: when you are venturing into the unknown, it brings up many fears and anxieties; meet them head-on and treat yourself and those around you with compassion.
  5. Reflect on your experience: your journey is beyond the place; it stays with you long after you leave.

I have traveled all over the world (almost 50 countries) since before I turned one but found that travel just for the sake of it wasn’t as meaningful as finding those connections and stories along the way. I want to help you find your connection, your story.



Some fun facts about me:

I am a lifelong vegetarian and on a mission to prove you can be vegetarian and still travel and eat well around the world!

I love to dance and among other things I teach a dance fitness class set to fun Bollywood music.

I have been to every continent other than Antartica (I passed that goal in 2011!)

I lived in 5 countries growing up. My middle school years were spent in 3 countries. If you want to know which ones, ask me!

I study human behavior and help companies figure out how to bring out the best in humans in the workplace. And do it using data analytics and artificial intelligence. Yes, all the buzz words fit neatly into my job description, but hey I love it! 😀

I prefer Airbnbs over hostels or hotels.

Turkey and Sri Lanka left me breathless; these 2 countries are absolutely stunning and I left unsatiated.

I lived and worked in Russia for 6 months because I thought it was the scariest sounding idea and therefore the biggest adventure.

In another life, I would have been a journalist telling stories from the sidelines of war zones. You get to live more than 1 life right, Buddha?

Here is what 10 years and 50 countries worth of traveling has taught me…



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